Velocipede selects donated bicycles to be repaired and sold in our shop. Most of the bikes that we sell have been completely overhauled: ball bearings have fresh grease, cables and housing are replaced where needed, new tires and brake pads where required. Our goal is to sell safe, reliable bikes at relatively low cost. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Below are bikes that we currently have for sale. We sell bikes during Sales hours as well as during Open Shop. Please check the calendar for sale hours. 

Bridgestone T500 Touring Bridgestone RB-2 - Extra-Small - $ Puch Vent Noir - 54cm Pink Gravity Hybrid Trek SoleRide 200 2007 Trek Pilot 5.0 Carbon Frame/fork

Interested in seeing bikes we've already sold? Here's a Gallery of Sold Bikes.