We love and specialize in vintage bikes. In this class you'll learn the foundations of bike mechanics including adjusting rim brakes and derailers, rebuilding cup and cone bearings, and patching tubes. Classes include an instructional portion, followed by hands-on practice on Velocipede's bikes. Classes consist of 6, 3 hour long sessions, meeting once a week. That's 18 hours of know-how for just $75!

Please check the calendar for pre-enrollment and class dates.

TIRES/TUBES: Be ready for the next flat! Learn how to install and remove tires, as well as patch tubes for re-use.

HEADSETS: In this class we will begin learning about the bearing systems by overhauling the headset, the bike's steering mechanism. Covers stem removal, headset overhaul, and proper adjustment.

HUBS: Keep your wheels spinning. Includes overhaul and proper adjustment of wheel hubs, as well as freewheel/cassette removal.

BOTTOM BRACKETS: This class covers bottom brackets, the bearings that allow the cranks to turn. Includes chain and crank removal, bottom bracket overhaul, and adjustment.

DRIVETRAINS: Don't put up with balky shifting! Learn to replace cables, housing, and adjust the derailers.

BRAKES: Learn to adjust the main safety component on the bike, brakes. Includes replacing cables, housing, pads, and brake adjustment.


Open Shop is available to anyone who needs some help with their bike, use of special bike tools, or just a place to work on a bike. For a $10 shop fee, volunteers will help you assess your bike and guide you in repair as needed. Used parts may also be purchased during this time. Open Shop is first come, first served.