Velocipede Bike Project provides access to second hand bicycles and hands-on education in a shared workspace.  


We envision a future where bicycling is no longer an alternative form of transportation and has become a seamless part of a healthy urban environment.  We envision a culture of mutual support that brings people together from across all backgrounds to form a strong bicycle-using community.  Through reuse, recycling, and dedication to the enduring value of the bicycle we envision a city with bikes on the street and out of the waste stream.  


Value of Community: We make tools, components, and second-hand bicycles available and affordable. We facilitate a community workspace that fosters cooperation, neighborliness, and reciprocity.

Value of the Individual: We treat people equally. We recognize that their work, time, and efforts are valuable. We help people find agency and self-worth through skills, encouraging them to take their transportation into their own hands.

Value of Education: We provide quality instruction in bicycle maintenance and repair.

Value of Leadership: We strive to be a vibrant hub of the bicycling community and to lay a groundwork for change in the urban environment. We value all forms of cycling and work to make cycling more accessible and widely accepted as a form of transportation, recreation, and exercise.



Value of Structure: The structure of our facilities and programming has a clear and apparent purpose. We follow best practices for shop safety and organization.

Value of Craftsmanship: We preserve and restore bicycles, components, and tools, continuing a legacy of craftsmanship and mechanical skill.

Value of Environmental Stewardship: We value repair and reuse and believe that it is important to keep bicycles out of the waste stream.